Broadway Challenge

Hey everyone 😉

Today I’ve been working on my search skills using the website called “question query.” I’ve been using the one called Broadway Challenge, my first go I got 23%; second go I got 79%; third go I got 100%. It was very hard to start with, but once I got the hang of it, it’s easy. It is a good way to help me get my research skills up.

See you next time 😉

Simulation Game – Sweatshop

One of our things we have to do this term is to play a simulation game. So I played the game Sweatshop, it’s really really fun and challenging, you have to make 3 pairs of shoes in 1 minute. I couldn’t get to 3 shoes because I’m too slow on the mouse. This game shows how people all over the world make shoes and shows what hard labor really is.

I recommend this game to anyone that has to play a simulation game, it’s really fun.

Positive Digital Footprint!

People put stuff like putting video’s of them fighting other people and picture’s of them getting drunk at parties on Youtube or Myspace. Things like this will come back and bite them in the butt later on down the track, when they go to get a job. They’ll go to the interview and walk thinking they have the job and they went well, but what you don’t know is that after the interview the employer will search your name up on the internet and see what you have been doing. They’ll say ” I don’t think we should hire this person because; he might turn up late because he’s partying hard or he’s been thrown into jail for doing the wrong thing.”

I’ve kept a positive digital footprint by doing the right thing on this blog and not putting private stuff on here, and websites that will get me into trouble.

The Fire…

Hey everyone 😉

Today (Tuesday 6th October) the Sorell Tennis Club was burnt down. The police say that it was on purpose and are looking for the people who have done it. In 1918 the Sorell Tennis Club was built, since then there has been a few more change’s to the club, there has been another club room been built there. It was the old club that got burnt down.

So I just wanted to tell you’s that.

Cya 😉

I’m Back, Woo Hoo!

Hey everyone!

I’m back for the year 2009 and more! The reason I haven’t been on is because I’ve been real busy outside of school, plus this is the only time of the year I’ve been able to do this kind of stuff. So I’m back to write great posts and leave awesome comments (as normal). I have been accepting your comments, when I have logged in every now and then. I’m sorry about not commenting back to your comments, but I will be for now on!!

Thanks, Aaron 😉